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UN Security Council to Meet for Consultation on Kashmir

consultation on Kashmir

The UN Security Council would be meeting today for consultation on Kashmir between Pakistan and India’s dialogue.

The consultation is being done at the request of China. It would be closed-door, meaning that the proceedings would be kept secret and would not be accessible to the reporters.

As per diplomatic sources, the consultation session on Wednesday was on Central Asia and Syria, however, China brought up the request of Pakistan made in a letter to the council.

Pakistan composed a letter to the council on the human rights violations in the India-Administered Kashmir and its revoke of Kashmir’s special autonomous state.

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During the consultation, only the 5 permanent members—China, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States and the 10 non-permanent members—Dominican Republic, Germany, Belgium, Peru, South Africa, Kuwait, Equatorial Guinea, Indonesia, Poland, and Cote d’Ivoire would attend. This means that neither India nor Pakistan would be there.

Last time there was a full Security Council meeting on the Himalayan region in the year 1965. As per the reports of Gulf News, Friday’s discussion is not taken as a full security meeting however referred to as the closed-door consultations.

It cites diplomates as saying that these consultations are becoming more common at an increased pace.

All other 4 permanent members of the Council except for China have openly supported the position of India that disputes between Pakistan and India are bilateral issues with the US even adding that the Kashmir developments are an internal matter of India.

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