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UN has launched massive educational program in Baluchistan

The press information department of Pakistan government (PID) has announced that United Nations has launched a massive educational program for Baluchistan in order to provide the quality education to the locals.

According to the report in this package, the education will be provided to 11 districts of Baluchistan, UNICEF will also train 3000 teachers to become in a better position to promote quality education.

UN will also refurbish more than 1000 state-owned school buildings to provide better services and amenities to the students.

However, the plan was announced and reported last year in April under Baluchistan Basic Education Programme (BBEP), but it was still in development phase. Today the PID has announced it officially that UNICEF has officially launched the programme.

The major objective of the programme is to deploy an integrated educational system in Baluchistan. The system introduced by UNICEF is to monitor the educational system by implementing real-time school monitoring and improve the overall educational system in Baluchistan.