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UK Woman Convicted for Tricking her Daughter into Marrying a Pakistani Man

The British Court has convicted a woman who was using black magic to convince her daughter into marrying a Pakistani man.

The Birmingham Crown Court found the 45-year-old mother guilty of tricking her own daughter to visit Pakistan on a family holiday. Then she tried to lure her into marrying into a Pakistani family. She was given marriage documents by an Iman to sign and thus she got married to a man without her consent.

For the first time a case like this occurred where the defendant was forcing her own daughter to marry against her will and intimidating her through black magic.

The girl gave evidence during the trial that the wedding preparations went on even though she was not willing to marry. How she was forced into the marriage on September 2016, only after she had just turned 18.

The court charged the mother with false marriage, perjury and distorting the course of justice.

It is amazing that in many areas of Pakistan forced marriages are extremely common, while the religion, Islam says that you can not force your child to marry, her consent is important. Threatening her through black magic, tricking her into marrying another individual against her will is completely wrong and unjustified. However, a daughter starting a case against her own mother, that is also a one of its kind case.

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