UK to Relax Visa Rules for the Foreign Students

The United Kingdom government has eased the rules for the foreign students wishing to switch over their visas to work visas. The new set of immigration rules would be put into effect from the 11th of January 2018.

As per the new rules, the students could change their visas to Tier-2 visa or the skilled worker visa immediately after the completion of their studies or course. Presently, the students need to have a degree before they could apply for the Tier-2 visa, which leaves them with a very little amount of time for finding some suitable job while still living in the United Kingdom, as per the reports of the Times of India.

A newsletter by EY-UK—one among the best/big business consultancies informed that this new rule would give the students ample time to search for jobs as it would be giving them the option to apply for the Tier-2 visa a few months before their degree completion which earlier was impossible.

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Sadiq Khan—Mayor London has encouraged a new category of visas for the post-study work. In his proposal paper— “Immigration, a future approach”, he mentioned to decreasing the number of international students and proposed that a post-study work visa be introduced to make it separate and different from the Tier-2 visa route and should permit students to work in the United Kingdom for like twelve to twenty-four months’ time, once they complete their graduation.

Presently, a lot of students are unable to switch from their Tier-4 visa to Tier-2 visa as they have not yet finished and received their degrees and their student visa is also near expiry.

This new rule would for sure be helping the students to settle down and be more relaxed instead of being in a constant frustration state that most foreign students go through as their degree nears completion and they are unable to find any jobs or whatsoever to get their degrees and talents proved somewhere. This measure would be a starting platform for all such students.

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