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UK to Increase Resources to Pakistan


The British Deputy High Commissioner Mike Nithavrianakis said that the British Department for International Trade (DIT) is raising its resources to Pakistan as it is an emerging frontier market that deserves more attention.

Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) said, “With more DIT resources, we will have a greater capacity to not only support British businesses who are keen to explore the Pakistani market but also assist the Pakistani companies looking forward to get engaged with UK companies.”

According to the British envoy 5000 British companies are operating in the UAE and very few of them are doing any business Pakistan.

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 “We are encouraging these British companies to explore the Pakistani market, but bringing new British companies is a challenge because of Pakistan’s perception which needs to be changed.”

The former KCCI president Siraj Kassam Teli said that the British Deputy High Commission and Karachi Chamber need to form a special committee so that any issues can be reviewed there. After the UK’s exit from the European Union, there might be issues that would need to be resolved. Also, it is important to establish a special committee so that solutions can be recommended to make sure that there is smooth trade between the two countries.  

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In an earlier article, we informed our readers that the business sector in the UK has announced £100 million (Rs16.3 billion) investments in Pakistan including oil & gas and other sectors.

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