UK to Cut its Aid to Pakistan

By next year, the UK’s aid to Pakistan can reduce significantly. Following the Brexit crisis, the pressure is growing on the government to cut aid to all the countries. Thus, Pakistan is encountering UK aid cut.

Also, according to an International Development Committee (IDC) of the British Parliament source, its inquiry in the Department for International Development (DFID)’s aid program for Pakistan will look at the general aid spending in Pakistan. Also, the source confirmed that the government has a lot of pressure to drop or cut aid to many countries including Pakistan.

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As per the source, the final decision will be taken by the government as soon as the aid program investigation findings are released by 2020.

As per a source, “The inquiry will likely be conducted November 2019 into 2020 (March / April) on current plans.”

Already aid to Pakistan is cut down from £325 million in 2018-19 to £302 million in 2019-2020.

International Development Committee announced an inquiry into aid given to Pakistan, three weeks ago.

Chair of the Committee Stephen Twigg MP said, “We have launched this inquiry to understand how well UK aid spending addresses these challenges and progress made since the last IDC inquiry in 2013. We will investigate how the different strands of aid spending in Pakistan – including health, education, economic development, security and stability, and climate change – work together to meet the aims of the UK’s overall aid strategy in the region and globally. The Committee will also examine how programs in Pakistan address UK commitments to broader issues including poverty focus, disability inclusion, gender equality and safeguarding as well as overall progress against the Sustainable Development Goals.”

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