Since the medical technology is excelling in all aspects from cloning to genetic engineering the technology for growing food remains at the backend but it has started to attract engineers, scientists and technology experts.

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A startup based in Bristol has been doing something really interesting; the company is growing all kinds of salads indoors without the presence of sunlight and even soil which seems to be the essential elements for growing crops.

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The Bristol-based firm “LettUs Grow” suspends the roots of plants in a nutrient-dense mist rather than in water. So without water, soil and sunlight, yet they are growing salads indoors successfully. The company was awarded £89,000 on Thursday in a Postcode Lottery Green Challenge which awards cash to the companies for developing environmental business projects.

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Charlie Guy Co-founder in an interview with BBC said, “This is a new sustainable method for growing salad corps, we can use 95% less water and grow the crops in urban environments and we can grow crops all year along without the impact of extreme weather conditions.”

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