UK Tech Salaries: Are 44% Higher Than Other Industries-“Tech City Report Reveals”

uk tech salaries

Elieen Burbidge of Tech City told BBC on Wednesday, the Tech industry is leading in the UK as compared to entire Europe, the employees in the UK tech industry enjoy 44% more salaries than any other industry.”

Tech City Annual report also reveals that 1.6 million people are employed by the tech industry in the UK.

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UK Can Be Heaven For Tech Employees

According to the report, UK is becoming a lucrative job market for tech savvies, UK already employs workers from around the world in various industries. According to UK government, in 2015 UK approved 168,447 work visas which on the rise by 4% as compared to previous year. Moreover, Information and communication was the top category in which the sponsored skilled visas were granted. Information and Communication Sponsored skilled visas accounted for 42.56% of the total visas.

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