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UK Prime Minister’s Trade delegate visits Pakistan to boost trade

Rehman Chishti UK’s Prime minister’s trade envoy has visited Pakistan in order to boost trade relations with Pakistan, this is his third visit to Pakistan since he joined the office in September 2017, a British High Commission said in a statement on Sunday.

The decision to visit Pakistan soon after the UK became the second largest market for Pakistani exports overtaking China. Chishti, member of British Parliament focused on highlighting the importance of improving ease of doing business in Pakistan and ensured even stronger ties between the UK and Pakistan.

Chishti has drawn upon the way how the British government can help Pakistan and support it in order to improve ease of doing business in Pakistan which is vital for long-term economic success. The British government is currently supporting World Bank to help the governments of Punjab, Sindh, and Federal in coordinating and communicating reforms that are critical to improving the business environment in Pakistan which could make the destination attractive for foreign investors said the statement.

During his 4-day visit to Karachi and Islamabad, Chishti met with several business, industry and government officials and he also participated in Defense and Security Industry Day the statement said.

“I am delighted to be in Pakistan for my 3rd visit as the UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Pakistan, ahead of what will be a very busy few months for UK-Pakistan relations. Many people talk about the joint history of the UK and Pakistan, but I am more excited about the future. There is no other country that has such a unique connection to Pakistan as the UK and, in particular, I can see how important the economic and trading links are between our two countries.” Chishti said in a statement.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Pakistan’s largest export market in Europe is the United Kingdom, the UK has just taken over China this year and become the second largest export market for Pakistan. Pakistan has exported £2.9 billion worth of products and services to the UK and UK has exported £1.1 billion of goods and services to Pakistan in 2017. The bilateral trade between the UK and Pakistan is yet to expand further, he added.

Not only this, the English country is Pakistan’s 3rd largest foreign Direct Investment partner which accounts for 8% of FDI in Pakistan. More than 120 British companies are investing and operating in Pakistan