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UK Passports Changing Back to Blue Colour After Brexit

Britain would be returning to blue passports once it would be leaving the European Union in 2019 for restoring their national identity as per the government announcement on Friday.

The kingdom would be phasing out the burgundy-coloured passport—generally adopted by the European Union member countries—following Brexit.

Theresa May—Prime Minister UK said that the travel document is symbolic of United Kingdom’s independence and dominion—expressing our citizenship of a great-proud nation.
Owing to this reason we would be returning to the symbolic blue colour passport after leaving the European Union in 2019 as announced.

Politicians who favoured Britain’s decision to depart from the EU were super excited to the extensive iconic change, while the ones against the decision of Britain to leave the union were not happy with this amendment.

Brandon Lewis—Immigration Minister while declaring the change in passport colour said that the decision of leaving the EU would be providing many exclusive opportunities for Britain to grow and to make its place in the world by restoring its national identity.

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He added that the new passports would be the safest travel document in the world and presents a range of upgraded security steps for protecting against fraud and treachery.

The present paper-based picture page would be replaced with a super-strong plastic polycarbonate material that would be tough to change.

Earlier that is in 1921 British passports were of dark blue colours, but later Britain changed the passport covers to burgundy colour from 1988 following the colour of-at that time’s European community.

Britain would be exiting the EU in March 2019. After this, the burgundy coloured passports would continue to be issued until the October of 2019 without referencing them to the EU. After October 2019 the contract for the launch of new passports would begin.

Present EU nation passports have common features as mutually agreed by the member countries, including the typeface, the burgundy colour and the words “European Union” printed above the nation name.

The new passports would be issued from the October 2019 to all those applying for passports for the first time or applying for the passport renewal.

The British passport holders need not do anything until their current renewal passport date.

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