UK Offers Explosive Detectors for the Airports of Pakistan

Explosive Detectors

United Kingdom—UK has offered Pakistan with the latest most updated security and surveillance machines which would be used at the major airports of Pakistan , as revealed by the sources aware of the matter, as per the reports of local media on Friday.

As per the shared details, 18 of the machines have already been affixed in the central locations of the 3 biggest International airports of the country.

The machines have been provided by a British security company and are provided to enable a more safe and secure environment at the airports.

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The primary function of the machine is to detect explosives and other such objects that may be deemed hazardous during the flights or inside the premises of the airport.

The machines have been assigned for the flights going to the United Kingdom from Pakistan.

The airports of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi have acquired the mentioned machines and are presently being used.

On the other hand, as per the latest news, the Sindh High Court has shown serious concerns over the lack of face recognition system at the criminal record office of the police and has asked the home secretary, the director general of NADEA and the provincial police officer to assure that such facility must be provided and installed exclusively at the CRO.

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