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More UK Companies Interested In Doing Business With Pakistan—Deputy High Commissioner

UK deputy High Commissioner to Pakistan Belinda Lewis said that Pakistan is an emerging economy who is attracting foreign investors and more British companies now showing interest to invest in Pakistan.

Belinda Lewis said the middle class in Pakistan is on the rise due to economic stability in the country, as a result, the demand would also increase in the future which would increase the opportunities to push our exports in Pakistan.

While talking to Business Recorder Belinda Lewis said Pakistan is a big market which is constantly growing and has huge potential for investments in new businesses. Around 120 companies are already doing business in Pakistan which is now growing; more companies are interested in starting businesses in Pakistan due to economic stability, demand, and huge potential in the market.

The United Kingdom and Pakistan have strong bilateral relationships, both the countries wish to strengthen trade ties further, UK will continue to support Pakistani businesses, she added.

She also highlighted the key industries and said, Health, education, agriculture, food, consumer products, mining, security, and energy could be the industries of most interest in Pakistan for British companies.

Belinda also commented on Pakistan’s declining exports and said, this is the issue being faced globally, exports of many countries are declining due to more competition in the international market, decreasing demand, devaluation in currency and fluctuations, the issue is not particular to Pakistan.

In reply to the question on CPEC she said, CPEC is the big project in Pakistan that will definitely improve the economic situation in Pakistan, it would offer jobs to the local community, UK is also looking to harvest opportunities from CPEC.

She also called upon Pakistani businesses to play an active role to promote Pakistan in International markets, and ensured to continue and strengthen future trade ties with Pakistan.