UK Communities Disturbed by “Punish a Muslim” Day Letters

The British Police has initiated an investigation operation after letters were delivered to the homes of Muslims in the United Kingdom seemingly. The letters include alarming content calling Muslims to be killed and mosques to be burnt down in a day of hate, as reported by the UK Daily—The Mirror.

At least six communities in the United Kingdom have reported receiving anonymous letters in white envelopes. The envelopes hold second-class stamps and the content of them is such to raise a national counter-terrorism investigation.

As per the letters posted, a day called “Punish a Muslim” is to be observed. The day would be on the 3rd of April. The leaflets encouraged people to torture the Muslims, to set fire to mosques and to carry out the acid attacks.

The letter mentioned that April 3 would be the day to “help turn things around” for Western Europe with these fierce attacks.

The hate-filled letters guaranteed “rewards” to all those people who would carry out the provided directions which includes acts like verbal abuse, pulling off hijabs and even murders.

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The letter read that for pulling a Muslim women’s hijab the individual would get twenty-five points (25), an acid attack would result in bringing in fifty points (50) and bombing or putting fire to a mosque would earn for the attacker thousand points (1000).

The United Kingdom Police forces have started investigating the letters, which were distributed throughout the Midlands, London and West Yorkshire.

A spokesman of the Metropolitan Police said that the MPS would not be tolerating any kind of hate crimes. If anyone thinks that they have been a victim of any such offence, the metropolitan police encourage them to bring their reports forward to the police so that the matter could be fully investigated.

While Muslim communities are in a state of fear, support has also been coming in.

An anti-Islamophobia non-profit called MEND introduced another counter campaign asking citizens to take an active part to observe 3rd April as a “Love a Muslim Day”.

The organization is spreading letters that include actions with a point-based system, asking people to make such gestures that might assist in easing the raised sense of fear and defence Muslim communities are presently experiencing.

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