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UK Announces £2.67 million Fund for Pakistan

£2.67 million Fund

On Saturday, the United Kingdom has announced fund for Pakistan in order to support the poorest and most affected people of the country during the coronavirus crisis.

As per a statement issued by the British High Commission, the aid would be of £2.67 million and will ensure to offer vital health support to assist Pakistan so that it could provide medical help to the ones who are seriously ill, build stronger systems and to detect and test for the coronavirus and to offer support to the communities so that they may have the right information in order to keep themselves and other protected.

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The commission also added that it will also offer £1 million for the faster response that is aimed at curbing the locusts in the affected areas of the country which are the major cause of the devastating impact on the crops and livelihoods.

The package of £2.67 million, which the UK would be rolling out in the weeks to come will be for the Department for International Development’s Programme of assistance to ensure that it helps the ones at risk and the most affected during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The funds announced by the United Kingdom on Satuday will help people in the twenty-seven districts of Pakistan. The aid has come alongside the PM’s appeal for assistance to the overseas to help increase the fund for the coronavirus response

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