Ufone Increases Prices for its Most Famous Super Cards

super cards

Ufone has increased the prices for its immensely famous super cards.

The telecom firm has jacked up its prices for the most famous Super packages that differ from weekly to monthly by a straight Rs.30.

The price of the monthly Super Card has been increased by Rs.30. Its earlier price was Rs.520 which has now been raised to Rs.550.

Similarly, the prices for the Mini Super Card and Recharge—15 days have also surged to Rs.330 from Rs.300. The prices for these two cards/recharges were earlier raised from their prices at which they were introduced—which were Rs.500 and Rs.275 respectively.

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The prices of the Super Minutes—a weekly internet package has also been increased from Rs.100 to Rs.130.

The price for Super Card Plus remains unaffected.

Ufone Super Packages were for the first time introduced back in the year 2014 with the theme of Befikri. The series of packages has been immensely successful owing to its popularity among the customers.

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