Ufone 4G/LTE Internet Packages: All You Need To Know About It

ufone 4g internet packages

Ufone currently offers its subscribers with 3G internet service. If the area you are in has 3G coverage your phone would display 3G or H/H+ on the top of the screen. Also, you can check the 3G coverage area by dialing *3344#.

First, we will look at the Prepaid 3G packages offered by Ufone

The daily 3G Ufone package is

Bucket NamePrice (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingSubscription Code
Daily light 104024 hours*2256#
Daily heavy 157524 hours*2258#
Special daily55001 AM- 09 PM*3461#
Mega Internet 991,0241 AM – 6 AM*550#


Weekly 3G Ufone package

Bucket NamePrice (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingSubscription Code
Weekly Light5025024 hours*7811#
Weekly heavy 12550024 hours*7815#

3 Day Ufone Package

Bucket NamePrice (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
3-day2510024 hours*3350#N/A

Ufone monthly internet package

Bucket Name (Monthly)Price (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
1GB 2501,02424 hours*7807#N/A
3GB 5003,07224 hours*803#N/A
10GB 1,00010,24024 hours*5100#N/A

Social Data Package

Bucket NamePrice (Rs)TimingSubscription CodeVolume (MB)
Social Daily 524 hours*4242#100
Daily Chat524 hours*3465#10,000 SMS + Unlimited WhatsApp
Social Monthly 5030 Days*5858#Free usage of Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp

Now we will look at the Postpaid Ufone Package

Bucket Name


PriceVolume (MB)Validity (days)Subscription Code

Unfortunately, Ufone does not offer users 4G service and so there are no 4G packages to talk about but Zong, Warid, and Telenor do provide 4G services.

Zong was the first network in Pakistan to offer 4G, the speed of Zong 4G remains in between 12 Mbps to 18 Mbps. Warid is the largest 4G service provider and it covers many urban and suburb areas of Pakistan. Its strength is that it is the cheapest. Telenor 4G service was launched just last year and it has a long way to go.

So all Ufone users you can either wait for the company to launch 4G services or you can just switch your phone to a different network. If you ask me, Zong would be the preferred choice for 4G internet, rest lies with your own personal choice and preference.

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