UBL recently has launched a campaign offering its customers to pay for their Air tickets at Shaheen Air using UBL card in order to get valuable 9% discount.

Customers who have UBL debit/credit card can now use it to avail 9% discount on all air tickets at Shaheen Air. UBL has started this campaign in order to boost its digital transactions and use of debit/credit cards which accommodates bank’s strategy to digitalize its services infrastructure.

UBL has recently started collaborating with IBM in order to enhance the customer experience by utilizing digital and mobile technologies. It is a step forward in contributing towards State Bank of Pakistan’s mission to digitalize financial sector of Pakistan.

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UBL is also stressing more on the internet and mobile banking usage, the company is sending emails and texts messages to its customers from time to time who have an account with UBL and not using the digital services yet.