Ubisoft clarifies: Accounts & games are not automatically deleted

The gaming community is in an uproar after Ubisoft began wiping inactive accounts and entire game libraries. Now the publisher clarifies and provides the all-clear. Owners of paid games and Steam users should be able to breathe easily.

Deletion based on “strict procedure”

Ubisoft deletes inactive accounts from its database, there is no way around it. Corresponding clauses are anchored in the company’s terms of use. Nevertheless, the news of lost games spread like wildfire over the weekend. Now Ubisoft is once again providing clarification.

The publisher told The Verge: “Deleting an account follows a very strict process.” A total of four criteria should be checked before Ubisoft informs the account holder about an upcoming and still avoidable deletion.

In addition to the game activity of the Ubisoft account, it is checked whether there is an active subscription, how long it has been inactive, and what games are in the library. Important: “Accounts that contain purchased PC games cannot be deleted,” according to Ubisoft. The same applies if players use the Ubisoft ecosystem via Steam or other platforms.

Owners of “old accounts”: Check your mail

In practice, no Ubisoft account should have been deleted that was inactive for less than four years. In addition, the publisher emphasizes that affected players will receive three emails within 30 days to reactivate their account before their account is finally deleted.

Since a similar panic happened back in 2021, PC World reported, The Verge is criticizing the lack of updating of the terms of service. It can also be read here that users are generally informed about the possible deletion of their account after six months of inactivity.

There should also be individual cases in which the criteria mentioned above were not observed and paid games were nevertheless deleted – a case for Ubisoft support.