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UberMoto – Uber Launches Affordable Bike Services in Pakistan

One of the leading ride-hailing company in Pakistan, Uber has launched its bikes services in Pakistan. UberMoto, the bike service by Uber is a new, affordable and convenient service by the company.

It is a cheap, affordable and useful service by Uber for its users in Pakistan. Through this service, Uber will expand its reach and retain its customers. As bikes are more economical, and faster in high-traffic areas, thus it will allow Uber to reach an extra mile.
Other than providing ease in the lives of the customers, UberMoto will open employment doors for the people in Pakistan.

While inaugurating the UberMoto service in Pakistan, General Manager of Uber Pakistan said,  “Motorbikes are a fundamental part of Pakistan’s transportation network and as such, this is a great opportunity to launch uberMOTO, which will provide more mobility options catered to the needs of people in Pakistan. uberMOTO continues to support our commitment to provide affordable safe and reliable means of transportation while also creating additional job opportunities in Pakistan.”

The prices of UberMoto in Pakistan are quite cheap. The basic fare of the ride is Rs.23. Per mile, the passenger is charged with Rs 7 and per minute the charge is Rs 1.

From Liberty bazar to Model Town the fare is Rs 49-64. From Arfa Towers to Racecourse the fare is Rs 92-115.From Mall Road to Hussain Chock the fare is Rs 89-111. From Samnabad to Anarkali the fare is Rs 64-79.

In order to ensure the safety of the riders and passengers, Uber held a Safety Town Hall for UberMoto drivers. They were told about the safety features, tips and relevant information was shared.

It is pertinent to mention here that Uber’s competitor in ride-hailing business in Pakistan, Careem is already offering bike services for its users.

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