UberAUTO – Uber Rickshaw Hailing Service launches in Peshawar

UberAUTO, the Uber rickshaw hailing service has launched in Peshawar. UberAUTO was already available in Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore for almost a year and now it is available in Peshawar.

The fares of UberAUTO are extremely affordable as compared to the cars & bikes fares. Now the Peshawar citizens will be able to select “Auto” ride type from their Uber app.

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“Peshawar, your Auto has arrived! With the arrival of Auto, you get to travel in an affordable rickshaw, and not worry about street hailing.”

To book UberAuto launch the app, select your location. Then select Auto in the ride-type before you book the ride. Tap confirm auto, to confirm your Uber Rickshaw ride.

The rates of UberAuto depend upon the location and peak hours. But in Peshawar, the base fare is Rs 45, per KM fare is Rs 5, per minute fare is Rs 1.15 and minimum fare is Rs 50.

It must be noted that after the driver reaches your destination, the longer you keep him/her waiting the more you will be charged.

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