uberAUTO Launches Affordable Rickshaw Service in Rawalpindi

uberAuto has launched in Pindi. Uber will now provide affordable, reliable and safe auto rides to the travelers via uberAUTO. So just tap the button and enjoy affordable rides.

A rider can book a ride for uberAUTO, then he/she will be connected to the closest available uberAUTO driver in Pindi. Within minutes the rider will be picked from his location and will ride to his/her destination.

Once the ride is booked the rider will be provided the picture of the driver and license plate of the car. On the Uber app, you can follow the driver’s route as he aims to reach you. For safety precautions, the rider can use ‘Share my ETA’ feature with contacts be it family or friends so that they also know your route.

The blessing for all the riders is that you don’t have to stand outside and wait for a rickshaw to take you to your destination. You can book rickshaw affordable ride from the comfort of your home and it will pick you from your doorstep.

uberAUTO pricing in Rawalpindi:

Base Fare: Rs 45

Per km: Rs 5

Per Minute: Rs 1.15

Minimum Fare: Rs 50

Rawalpindi Route Fares:

From Saddar to Shadman Town: Rs 110

Saddar to Liaquat Bagh: Rs 70

Shamsabad to Rawal Road: Rs 75

Pirwadhai to Choor Chowk: Rs 95

uberAUTO will bring affordability, ease, and comfort in lives of regular Pindi travelers. uberAUTO is specifically targeting those individuals who stand by roadside looking for a rickshaw to transport them to their destinations. If you chose uberAUTO over regular rickshaws you will get an affordable ride without searching for it on roads.

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