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Uber Shifts Cultus to Mini Category


Thousands of Uber drivers got angry with the ride-hailing service following the company’s decision of downgrading Suzuki Cultus from the Go category to Mini category. Only the Cultus 2017 model and upwards are exempted from this decision.

As per the claims of the drivers this decision has lowered their earnings.

The decision of this downgrading was forwarded to the drivers through a message last week that apart from the 2017 model and upwards of Cultus, all other models would be downgraded from the Go category to Mini. The new policy has left the drivers in shock.

A driver with the ride-hailing service said that during the past 14 or so months he had completed 3,000 rides. He added he made decent money but, since the past week his earnings have witnessed a drop.

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He referred to the new policy of Uber as unjustified and said that he visited Uber’s office, but no one gave him any attention or took notice of his complaint.

A spokesperson of Uber, on the other hand, said that they were looking after the needs of their customer base and after the feedback attained from the customers, they have taken the decision to enlarge the Mini product for meeting the needs of the customers in a better way. No details were shared though, about the downgrade, he did tell that just a few vehicles have been shifted to the Mini on the basis of what the rider’s value most in which product.

It is interesting to mention that Cultus is still in the Go category on the website of Uber and the website further mentioned that models to be eligible in this regard should be air-conditioned sedans of 2001 model onwards.

As per sources, more than 10,000 models of Cultus are registered with Uber throughout Pakistan with more than 3,000 cars in Karachi alone.

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