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Uber Services Now In Gujranwala

After Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Gujranwala becomes the sixth city in Pakistan to benefit from the services of Uber. Uber’s popularity is growing globally and in Pakistan. With the launch Uber is offering five free rides in Gujranwala. You need to just download the app from uber.com/app and then enter the promo code UBERLOVESGUJPK to enjoy rides up to Rs 350 each.

The reason people use Uber and it is getting more and more famous is because you don’t need to wait for taxis for hours. Or walk halfway before you find a mode of transport to take you to your destination. Now you can just press a button and Uber will find you. Not just this but Uber is safe and secure, affordable and extremely reliable. With these qualities, Uber has now set foot in Gujranwala.

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Mr. Safee Shah, General Manager Uber Pakistan said that Gujranwala is a big city in Punjab, launching Uber in this city is yet another milestone achieved. Also Uber has enabled people to get connected with best and most flexible mode of transport by just clicking on the button. Uber is expanding its services in various cities of Pakistan and achieving its goal further in providing best transport to the people.

Uber wants to improve urban transport facilities for the public in Pakistan and provide healthy opportunities for diver-partners. Their goal is to improve traffic issues and congestion on the roads.

Image via: TechRave