Uber Monthly Packages Would Likely Come After Careem Monthly Packages

Careem introduced its monthly packages for the users just yesterday and we can expect that Uber would soon launch monthly packages as well.

Careem and Uber are biggest competitors of each other, they keep trying to get better than the other and attract more audience. The ride hailing companies have more or less similar features and they operate in almost same manner. They both have apps; users have to use the app to book the car. The charges are quite similar as well.

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Now the monthly packages introduced by Careem are divided by km that are 100, 200 and 400. The prices as per the kilometers are 2,400, 3,520, 8,100 rupees respectively.

To remain in the competition it is important that Uber also offer these packages and make it quick. Now we can expect that Uber’s monthly packages would not be much different from its competitor. They are both offering users same features and through the same procedure in same cities and both are facing same difficulties that are vehicles shortage and driver issues. Now such similarities point us in a clear direction that Uber would soon come up with its monthly packages. They would be same as mentioned above but they might offer extra features to attract people. At the moment Careem’s monthly packages come with a bulk discount and no peak surcharges, now Uber can add up features, maybe offer a better discount to the users and ensure the competition remain neck to neck.

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