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Uber Lite: launches in Pakistan

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Back in June 2018, Uber launched a Lite version of its app to strengthen its position in the South Asian market. At that time, the app was not available in Pakistan. Now Uber Lite is available in Pakistan. Users from Pakistan can download the app from the Play Store.

The size of the app is just 4.5MB so it can run smoothly on most of the entry-level phones. It is primarily for those users who do not have a strong Wi-Fi or data network.

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Initially it was only available in India but now it has also launched in Pakistan. The application is in early access stage but it is working fine.

After the users download and launch the app they will find Uber Lite as quite a simple a app with minimalistic features in comparison to the Uber App. You can setup your pickup location and set up your pinpoint location on the map.

Now that you have setup the pickup location, you can also enter your destination. Then you will find different car types that are available in your city. Also you will be able to see which car is most accessible to you. From here on you can easily book the car and go on for an Uber ride.

Other features available in the app are trip history, different promotions, develop payment options, promo codes etc.

The app is not yet available for iOS, but Android users can download it.