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Uber Launching Uber Air Service Soon

Uber has put up an intriguing video on its social media with the caption ‘Want to experience what it will be like to push a button and get a flight with uberAIR? Keep watching.’

This is the video

Now Uber has also made an announcement that it will launch ride-sharing flights in Los Angeles by 2020. Also, the company claims that it will cost less than a usual Uber X ride. The company has designed a prototype for an emissions-free helicopter-style ride to transport people.

To build the aircraft the company is working with some partners, also a Dallas-based company will build sky ports across LA by 2020. It will transport passengers to their destinations within minutes.

After Dallas LA will be the second test city. Also Uber has announced a partnership with NASA to control airspace more efficiently as part of “foundational reboot of the airspace system”.

Holden said:

“This is the beginning of the end of individual car ownership. Except for a hobby, you won’t own your own car. Just as skyscrapers were the solution to commercial and residential density in cities, we believe that moving local transportation to the sky is going to open up incredible mobility bandwidth in cities.”

Holden further informed that the company will “offer an Uber Air flight for the cost of an Uber X trip on the ground. The gnarliest of commute, an hour and a half on the ground could become a handful of minutes in the air. That’s exciting.”

Once the service is introduced in Los Angeles, it is hoped that it will be introduced in other states and nations as well including Pakistan.

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