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Uber Launches UberDOST In Pakistan

UberDOST is an opportunity for Pakistani people to earn money with Uber by inviting new partner-drivers for the ride-hailing company.

All you have to do is fill a certain form to set up a DOST Center in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad and earn by signing up partner-drivers.

Here is the link for the form


In the form you will be asked your name, contact number, prior business experience, which business you run, how many years experience you have, which city and exact location you want to open UberDOST center and how much investment are you willing to do ranging from less than 1lac to more than Rs 300000.

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In simple terms, the concept of UberDOST is that you are given an opportunity to earn money by referring drivers to Uber. You will be given referral payments as your aid in building your local driver-partner community. If the driver you referred completes the minimum number of specified trips in 4 months, you will be given your referral salary.