Uber Introduces New App for Drivers

Uber launched a new app for its drivers on Tuesday that incorporates the use of a real-time earnings tracker, the recent effort by the ride-hailing service for the improvement of its services for the drivers.

The launch came after the “180 days of change” program introduced by Uber last year in June for making amendments as per the request of the drivers, like tipping and compensation for the time spent by the drivers while they wait for their passengers.

Dara Khosrowshahi—the Chief Executive Officer mentioned in one of his statement that while the one hundred and eighty days program was regarding the correction of the missteps of the past, the company needs to think on a long-term and for initiating that the most obvious place was to start from the Driver’s application.

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The newly introduced app would be featuring a new status bar for assisting the drivers to decide their next location on the basis of a spike in requests, it would also be provided with a notification feature that would permit the drivers to see any messages indicating about any upcoming earnings opportunities and feedback from the riders among many more features.

Uber informed that the rollout would be following a Beta version which is developed with the drivers.

Last year a series of improvements were highlighted by Uber for the drivers, including a fairer approach to review the performance and a new navigation system, in response to many complaints launched by the drivers regarding their pays and treatment.

Uber drivers are not like regular employees rather they are independent contractors and have no paid sick leaves or vacations and have to pay for their car maintenance and other costs by themselves.

This app would prove beneficial in terms of facilitating the drivers which is good and a much-needed initiative by the company.

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