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Uber Drivers Could Now Sell Goods on the Go to Riders

Thanks to Uber besides providing the riding services to the people it has now also included new services for the drivers which is that they could now also sell commodities or snacks to their customers as they are availing the ride.

Uber has partnered with Cargo—a start-up that makes it easy for the ride-sharing drivers to sell commodities to their customers on the go. Drivers would now have free centre-console boxes which would be filled with stuff like headphones, snacks, charger, cosmetics, chewing gums, energy bars and similar stuff that riders could order from their mobile phones.

The new feature was announced on Thursday by the company. It also informed that the service is presently available only in Los Angeles and San Francisco, however is likely to expand to other cities which includes Atlanta, New York and Dallas.

Cargo has teamed up with brands like Kellogg’s, Starbucks and Mars Wringly Confectionery for providing the free samples and goods for purchasing. Uber informed that all the drivers would be given the access to goody boxes.

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Jeff Cripe—the Cargo chief said that the driver must have at least 4.7-star rating on Uber app and should be comparatively active on the service, as per the reports of Tech Crunch.

Additionally, Uber also mentioned that it would give extra income to the drivers besides providing them with appealing customers, so that there would be no need for them to drive for extra hours. As per the estimates of Cargo via this initiative, drivers could earn between $1,500 and $3,000 extra income annually, as written by Engadget.

Jeff Cripe said that this opportunity has opened doors for Cargo for making a unparallel level of ease for all the people who are travelling. He added that the partnership with Uber would also play a significant role in making that vision an actuality.

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