Uber: 5 Drivers in Hong Kong caught in illegal use of their cars, further damaging the ride-hailing services company

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Friday, March 10: Uber to face another jerk as of the five Uber drivers were found using their vehicles for commercial purposes without proper authorization.

This is not the first case when Uber’s drivers are found guilty of using personal vehicles for commercial use without notifying authorities. Last month, Taiwan imposed heavy fines on Uber’s services following a damage to the company.

On Friday, judge So Wai-tak raised the issue saying that the drivers don’t have commercial licenses nor an insurance. This is unsafe for passengers in case of an accident.

This ride-hailing service has offered around one million rides and it’s estimated that their crew members working as the drivers could be in thousands

Hong Kong, being a financial hub, has a relatively strict transport system where cabs’ fare are kept at low levels as compared to other financial hubs in the world.

Besides this recent mishap encountered in Hong Kong, Uber has been facing troubles in other Asian countries. The government monitored taxi drivers in China has been ruling out this app-monitored ride-hailing service.

An Update Done to the Mobile App

In Pakistan, Uber has also faced the same issues from the taxi associations. Their ride-hailing service was even banned or called ‘illegal’, but the matter was soon resolved.

In a recent news, a court in Pakistan said that the ride-hailing service must abide by the rules defined but don’t have to come under pressure of the taxi mafia.

Another growing ride-hailing service, Careem, is also facing the same issues in some countries.

Besides the continuous potential damages and threats, these ride-hailing services are gaining popularity. These services have even helped in earning a full-time livelihood for many in countries where the employment rate is declining. In addition, their efficient services are praised by most of the customers and people are preferring them over the local cab system.

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