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Uber Considers Pakistan a Potential Market for Flying Cars

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Uber is considering Pakistan as a potential market for flying cars, according to the Regional Manager for the Middle East and Africa—Anthony Le Roux.

Uber is one of the biggest firms when it comes to ride-hailing services around the world. The company is planning to change the way people travel each day. For accomplishing this goal, the company is looking into flying cars as the next major step as part of its “Uber Elevate” premier technology.

Uber is considering working on flying cars that use vertical take-off and landing technology that is these vehicles would not be needing long runways for getting into the air.

This is not just the only thing Uber is putting its R&D in. The firm is also working on driverless cars that could make use of complex radar, algorithms and technology that could securely provide transportation to the passengers from one point to the other.

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Le Roux while conversing with local media said that in the comparative time Uber would be introducing driverless cars throughout the world, it is a mere possibility that flying cars be seen much sooner in Pakistan than the complex driverless cars.

While responding to the reason for choosing Pakistan for testing flying cars, Le Roux said that Pakistan has extensively accepted the company provided services ever since they were introduced in the country. The company intends to launch its food delivery service in Pakistan too—Uber Eats.

Uber management revealed that there are nearly thirty thousand drivers in Pakistan who are making use of the ride-sharing app and providing their services.

Le Roux is of the belief that if the riders or drivers feel that the taxes are way too much on a ride-hailing service, that could lead to a loss in interest for both the parties. It is both the responsibility of the regulators and the ride-hailing businesses to come to a mutual agreement about the value and growth that assures an equal field for playing to all the stakeholders.

Le Roux mentioned that Uber is looking forward to work in Pakistan with the country regulators in this matter.

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