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Uber-Careem Merger Proceeds to Second Phase Review

Uber-Careem merger

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has taken the decision of moving into the second phase of its review of the international merger between Uber and Careem—the widely popular ride-hailing services in Pakistan.

The second phase review is a significant decision of the CCP and is aimed at determining whether the merger would accidentally or with proper thought affect or bring up any competition-related concerns.

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It is very rare on the part of CCP to go into second phase reviews, since they are complicated, going into extensive details, taking longer time, and are just opened when the first phase review is completely unable to reach by some conclusion about the effects of the competition that a merger might have.

As per the details, the Competition Commission of Pakistan has got legal authority to impose bars on the merger before giving any approval.

Uber and Careem had drafted a joint application for the approval of the CCP in the initial phase of the review, and it is anticipated that this new development would result in the merger being postponed for some time.

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  1. Uber is far better than careem…it just dont have enough free deals… careem is becoming slow and not very reliable

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