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Uber Captain Killed in Karachi

A fifty-year-old, man employed with the ride-hailing application Uber was found dead late Saturday night in the area of Bufferzone—Karachi.

The police officials confirmed the news and said that most likely the suspect shot the Uber driver from the front seat window as it was the only window that was open, the rest of the windows were closed with no bullet signs.

The deceased was recognized as Shahnawaz who was currently working with Uber and was a former employee of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

He was shot three times. Three empty shells of 0.30 bore pistol were also recovered from the crime scene.

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While it is not clear yet that why the Uber driver was shot in the first place, the police speculated that it could be because of personal animosity reasons. Further detailed investigations on the case are in process.

Back in January, the Sindh Police claimed to have investigated the murder of an Uber driver, who was murdered with gunshots near Hassan Square within the domains of Aziz Bhatti police station in May 2017.

The driver was not on duty at the time he was killed. The diver resisted the armed robbers in the robbery bid. The police was able to locate the criminals with the assistance of the CCTV (closed-circuit television) footage and the intelligence-based information.

The arrest of the culprits was revealed during a press conference that was held by the District East SSP—Faisal Abdullah. The police also informed that they have recovered the motorcycle and weapon used in the incident. The suspects also accepted their crime and that they are guilty.

Earlier in Rawalpindi, a Careem driver—Sajawal Ameer was murdered on late Monday night. The police is still investigating the case.

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