Uber Bus Just Round the Corner for Public Commute


Coronavirus has affected all the businesses across the globe in one way or the other. It has also impacted the business operations of the ride-hailing services. Uber is one such service and has geared up its efforts during the pandemic by offering the public transit systems it’s software expertise.

The Martin County’s transportation authority in the San Francisco would next month be permitting its passengers to book a trip via the Uber App, however they would be riding wheelchair accessible public vans instead of private cars.

More than 120 US transit agencies have introduced collaborations with the ride-hailing company in the span of the past 2 years, as the data assessed by Reuters indicate.

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David Reich, the head of Transit at Uber Technologies Inc. said that offering software is a higher-margin service for them and that they are providing the technology that they have been working on for some years.

Uber is in talks with many transit agencies across the world for imposing the software-based projects as told by the transit head.

Uber, Lyft and other ride providing services have earlier been combating with the public bus and train service for generating revenue from the travelers.

However, due to the coronavirus imposed limitations and lockdowns both are relying on one another in search of cost savings and new business ventures, with many cities intending to expand or permanently implement the services operated by the ride-hailing firms.

Uber has alliances with more than 30 global transit agencies that make use of its ride services for connecting the riders to centers or replace the low-use bus lines for offering wheelchair accessibility.

Ramot said that there is a recognition that the transit budgets would be very thin for a longer span of time and the demand would be much more volatile.

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