Uber app might start displaying video ads while you wait for your driver

Nowadays, there are ads online everywhere, and they can occasionally be rather inconvenient. Here’s some unfortunate news for individuals who dislike seeing advertisements all the time: While a user waits for a driver and while on a journey, video advertisements will soon be displayed in all of Uber’s apps.

Uber bombards its consumers with advertising

The Wall Street Journal broke the news and provided information on how these advertisements will be displayed to Uber consumers. The video advertisements will primarily play while people wait for their drivers to arrive. One of Uber’s executives, Mark Grether, claims that video advertisements would also be shown when a customer is in a vehicle.

Uber also intends to embed iPads in car seats so that passengers can view advertisements. For Uber Eats, the business intends to increase video advertising. In this situation, the advertising will start to be shown as soon as the customer places their order. In the future, Drizly, a startup owned by Uber, will also include advertisements in its app.

According to Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, advertisements are increasingly important to the company’s growth plan. The CEO claimed that, year over year, the number of active advertisers on Uber has increased by 80%. The first static ads appeared on Uber Eats in 2019, and in 2022, they were added to Uber’s main app.

According to the research, Uber’s extensive customer data collection is one of its main selling points for advertisers. For instance, Uber is aware of your frequent travel destinations and Uber Eats order history. Additionally, many customers frequently check the Uber app while they are riding. Uber maintains that it won’t provide specific user information to marketers.

Users may be allowed to skip these advertisements, but it’s not clear if they would be required to watch them through to the conclusion. While the rest of the world should get the upgrade later this year, Uber will begin showing video ads to its users in the US this week. Regarding the tablets used inside the vehicles as per installment on a city-by-city basis in US.