Uber announces free injury protection insurance for drivers and delivery partners

free injury protection insurance

Uber Pakistan has announced free injury protection insurance for its drivers and delivery partners in Pakistan. The company said, “As part of our global commitment to safety we have partnered with Chubb Insurance Limited Pakistan in order to bring drivers and delivery partners under this program which would not cost anything to drivers and partners and Uber will pay for the insurance.

Along with drivers, the passengers are also protected by “Injury protection insurance” Uber, said.

With any emergency medical treatment which might be required in case of an unfortunate accident, Uber drivers and delivery partners along with passengers are protected by this insurance, all the involved parties can get their treatment free of cost if they were involved in an accident.

Uber has explained the insurance and the process of claiming medical treatment costs in detail; you can visit the website for more details.

Now, from August 1 all the Uber drivers and delivery partners along with customers availing the rides are protected, no one has to pay anything for the insurance Uber will take care of that. Uber has announced this on Twitter.

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