UAE Visas Soon to Resume for Pakistanis

According to the UAE’s Minister, Pakistanis soon would be able to apply for UAE’s visas.

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According to the new Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Pakistanis could soon again start applying for the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) visas.

He was talking to UAE Ambassador Hamad Obaid Ibrahim Al Zaabi in Islamabad and said that both of the countries have strong and long ties.

According to the Minister, the 1.5 million Pakistani workers in the UAE are a valuable asset for the country. They contribute a lot to developing the economy by sending foreign exchange reserves worth about $5 billion to Pakistan annually.

He added that Pakistan seeks UAE’s cooperation for the extradition of the Pakistanis imprisoned in the UAE.

The Interior Minister stressed on further improving ties between the two countries.

The UAE Ambassador explained that this visa restriction on Pakistanis is temporary. He also informed that this matter is almost resolved, and hopefully, issuance of visas will soon resume. 

According to the source, the UAE’s minister said that the Pakistani community has an excellent role in the advancement of the UAE, and their wellbeing is among UAE’s priorities.

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