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UAE Permits One-Year Visa Extension for Widows, Divorced Women and Their Kids

As per the government announcement on Tuesday widows and divorced women of any nationality living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) would soon be able to apply for a one-year visa extension.

The sponsor-free residence permit would also be provided to their children from the date of the divorce or the date of their spouse’s death, as was reported by the Khaleej Times.

The cabinet said that the verdict gives widows and divorced women and their children a one-year residence without the need of any sponsor or sponsorship. The decision aims at giving women the opportunity for adjusting their social and economic status.

The decision recognizes the conditions and the situations faced by the widows and the divorcees and is aimed at providing them ease in some way which could make their stay easy in the country after either the death or separation from their spouse.

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The cabinet also said that the verdict is aimed at maintaining family stability and social cohesion and supports the United Arab Emirate’s position as a welcoming nation for all nationalities in accordance with its history and values of giving a helping hand.

Currently, the women who are sponsored by their husbands are needed to leave the country in case of divorce. But, if there has been death then they are only allowed to live in the country until their visa validity.

The move is being appreciated by the legal experts and the social workers, as per them this decision would be a relief to many women across the country. However, the decision would be put into practice in the fourth quarter of 2018.

M M Nasar Kanhangad—an Abu Dhabi based social worker said that he has handled such cases and this verdict by the cabinet would act as a balm to all the women in distress. This decision would be a great source of relief for the divorced or widowed women, who find themselves in helpless situations. It would provide them with ample time to adjust and to decide upon their future and that of their children.

Alongside recognising the struggles of widowed and divorced women and managing their stay, the verdict also aims at providing help and social cohesion to the devasted families and keeps the UAE’s image as a country which provides relief and helps in needy situations.

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