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UAE Made Emergency Call System a Must in Automobiles

The United Arab Emirates has made the Emergency Call (ECall) System a must in all the automobiles which would help in the reduction of the response time for automobiles hit by traffic accidents up to forty percent.

Abdullah Al Maeeni—the Director General of Esma, confirmed that the ECall Emergency communication system would be applied in the United Arab Emirates to the 2021 vehicle models, which would be delivered to the UAE market by 2020.

The UAE cabinet during the previous week adopted the technical regulations for the emergency communication system in automobiles “ECall” issued by the Emirates Authority for the Standardisation and Metrology (Esma).

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Al Maeeni informed that when two vehicles collide, or the vehicle hits on to something else, the ECall operates and communicates through the automobile’s driver mobile network as a communication means.

The incident would then be reported to the nearest emergency point present in the area where the accident has taken place by the MSD information. The MSD would be provided with the location information from the GPS system, the time of the accident and the plate number of the vehicle.

The system would then enable the concerned authorities in the country to reach the accident site in shortest possible time, which would not be more than a few minutes, on which the authorities have worked for like three years, study and research has been done, and meetings with the related authorities in the United Arab Emirates, government and private, and agencies and the makers of the automobiles, for meeting the requirements in the automobiles present in the nation to abide with the system.

The Director-General of Esma mentioned that the system would be the first of its kind in the region of the Middle East and North Africa and the second globally since after the experience of European Union and would be working in cooperation with the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA).

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