UAE introduces ‘GPS bracelet’ for house arrest offenders

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have decided that the offenders will no longer have to be detained in the rehabilitation centres of the country for their minor crimes as the authorities have decided to tag the offenders with a GPS bracelet.

GPS bracelet is a kind of house arrest which will keep track on all the movements of the offenders inside or outside of the house.

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To bring revolutionary changes to the criminal proceedings by implementing innovative technologies, the UAE Federal Law No. 17 of 2018, which was issued in September of the current year, is introducing an ‘electronic tagging’.

This electronic tagging device is capable of pinning the exact location of the person wearing it, which will help the police department or criminal enforcement authorities to keep tabs on any suspect who is under investigation or any accused on trial.

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) further said that the GPS bracelet does not apply to those offenders who commit the same crime twice.

Any accused who is in the police custody can request the criminal court for being placed under house arrest which would be considered as an alternative to bail.

If the electronic tagging device (GPS bracelet) causes any issues related to the health, the person who wearing it can apply for its removal. Anyone who wants the removal of the GPS bracelet, has to submit an official medical report to prove his concern. If the request gets accepted, the accused will be returned to the custody and bracelet would be removed.

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