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UAE Govt. Made “Character Certificate” A Must for Expats Applying for Work Permit

The United Arab Emirates has made the “Character certificate” a must for all the expatriates intending to apply for work visa in the UAE. According to the GulfNews on Monday it was reported that all the job seekers who wish to apply for work permits in the Gulf country first need to get a good conduct certificate essentially before applying.

The certificate would either be issued by the country of residence where the candidate has spent five years of life or from the home country.

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The new rules and regulations would be implemented from the 4th of February 2018 as per the announcement of a UAE body.

Once the certificate is obtained it needs to get the verification—which means the certificate is required to get attested from the UAE diplomatic missions or overseas Customer Happiness Centres present at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

As per the reports of the official news agency WAM, the United Arab Emirates Coordination Committee—comprising of different members all representing the relevant UAE government departments relating the new rule said that it has been devised in an attempt towards making a safer society.

The rule also roots from the nation’s belief in the significance of protecting the community members and for making sure that they enjoy good quality and safe life, making the United Arab Emirates among the most secure and safe countries of the world.

However, it was made clear by the committee that the good conduct certificate would not be needed by the individuals who wish to travel to the country on a visit or tourist visa.

UAE is a tourist hub. People from all over the world visit it for entertainment purposes. Many people even head towards the country for trying their luck in the job sector. Keeping that in mind this is a good initiative of the UAE government to make the character certificate a must so that a basic initial prove of the individual’s attitude and life is in hand before the candidate’s application is further processed for granting work permits.

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