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UAE Emerged as A Top Location for Destination Weddings

As per the reports of Khaleej Times, the United Arab Emirates had been the most desired destination for weddings by couples may they be from Pakistan or India or any other country. Just during 2017, eighty-six percent weddings delivered in the UAE.

As per Atlantis—The Palm, the ratio of weddings has increased thirty percent in 2017 as compared to last year.

The report added that the country has become the top site and choice by couples for destination weddings in the Middle East owing to its lavish and expensive hotels, with people spending as much as Dh11 million on the wedding celebrations.

It further revealed that the Middle East accounted for five percent of the wedding industry, valuing at Dh330 billion. Hence the United Arab Emirates ranks among the top destination for the wedding aspirants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, as per a survey done by the Dubai-based event organisation QnA International.

As per the industry estimates, the amount spent by an average lower and an upper-middle-class couple is in the range of Dh700,000 to up to Dh7 million. The figures are variable depending on the nationality and the wealth status of the couple.

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Romika Fazeli—the founder and Managing Director of Emirates World Club said that for planning a wedding the most significant factors include—a beautiful venue with amazing hospitality services for making the event unforgettable for the couple and also for the guests.

Destination based weddings in Europe and the United States are not much of an affair with guests list not going beyond two hundred guests, however, the ones marrying in the Middle East, Africa and Asia the guests list ranges from three hundred to thousand.

Other than Dubai, Tuscany and Florence are also widely known for being the desired top-class destinations for international weddings with forty two percent and nineteen percent respectively wedding market share.

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