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UAE Drivers to Face Fine on Randomly Parking Their Vehicles on Road to Offer Prayer

Abu Dhabi Police has taken a decision to impose fines on drivers who stop their automobiles on undesignated roadside venues for offering prayers. The police believe such practices are dangerous both for the drivers involved in the act and other road users.

The Police Officers of the Abu Dhabi, the capital city of Dubai says that plenty of drivers risks themselves for serious kind of accidents by praying alongside the road.

Salah Abdullah Al Humairi—the Deputy Director of the city’s traffic department indicated that there are many mosques available to facilitate the travellers at a wide variety of places, so the drivers could use them instead of stopping their vehicles anywhere on road to offer prayers.

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He also mentioned that prayer offering facilities are also provided and could be found at the roadside restrooms, residential areas and petrol pumps. Hence there is no need for any driver or whatsoever to take such risks for their own safety and for the safety of other road riders.

An awareness campaign has been launched by the General Directorate of the Abu Dhabi Police relating the risks and dangers involved with improper parking on the internal or external road of the Emirates for promoting road safety.

The police informed that the reason for introducing the campaign was to teach the bus drivers—who provide transportation to workers and other drivers that they could not just stop their vehicle like that at any place for any reason whatsoever, including offering prayers.

Under the changed traffic law, halting an automobile on a corner or a junction or failure to take the needed safety precautions in the event of breakdown are all punishable and would be charged with a fine of 500 AED (£95).

Parking in such patterns or ways that may put others life at risk would be charged with a fine of 400 AED (£76).

The officers were greatly worried about the bus drivers who just park their large vehicles anywhere on road or at some inappropriate location for the passengers to get down of the bus and fulfil their religious obligation of prayers.

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