UAE closed nearly 5,000 social media accounts over selling goods with fake brands

During the first half of 2018, as many as 4,879 accounts of the social media users have been suspended in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Arab authorities have closed the accounts for selling pirated goods using the names of fake brands, claimed the Department of Economic Development (DED).

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As per the statement released by the DED, more than 33.5 million people were following these social media accounts on different social networking websites.

A senior official at DED, Ebrahim Behzad said, “The social media accounts have been used by the dealers who do business in fake and pirated goods nowadays. But the team of Intellectual Property Rights Protection Management maintains tight security measures to prevent such misuse of the technology and preserve the reputation of Dubai as a competitive business hub”.

He further said that the IPR team is working 24/7 hours and monitoring the social networking websites for intellectual property protection.

Mr. Behzad added that the owners of the trademarks and the law firms are coordinating with the team to make sure that the social media accounts are closed that are selling the pirated copies of the goods.

He said that as many as 30 websites are closed so far over the same accusations.

Mr. Behzad urged the users not to follow such accounts on social media websites, as their provided goods might negatively affect their safety as well as their health. He also urged people to report such accounts to DED by calling 600545555 or via DED social media account in case they found any fake account.

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