UAE and Saudi Arabia to Issue Joint Visa Soon

joint visa

Sultan Al-Mansoori—the economic minister of the UAE has announced that coordination is underway between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to issue a joint visa between the two nations as to enable the visitors to the UAE to visit the Kingdom and vice versa.

The new visa is anticipated to come into effect in 2020. The Saudi Gazette quoted him saying that this initiative is aimed at taking benefit of the huge potential and extensive steps taken by the government of Saudi Arabia to facilitate the entry of tourists to the Kingdom.

Mansoori added that this is among the steps that have been developed and have been approved by the respective authorities.

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He also said that officials from the UAE and Saudi Arabia are presently holding joint talks to work out the rules and regulations for the implementation of this initiative.

He indicated that this step would lead to surging the flight services volume between the two nations. The number of flights at present is not enough and there is a need to double it.

As per Al-Mansoori, the imposition of the initiative would bring advantage for the national firms in the UAE and in the Kingdom and would provide much stronger force to coordination and cooperation between them. It would also be revamping the tourism sector as well as the airports and hotels.

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