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U.S Tops the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

In the U.S there are more confirmed cases of coronavirus now than in any other country in the world. The U.S in terms of confirmed cases of coronavirus has surpassed China, from where the pandemic began.

According to John Hopkins University, there are 85,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S and 1300 deaths. Worldwide there are 510,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Every day the numbers are changing constantly.

As the virus has destroyed businesses and affected normal life across the country, around 3.3 million filed for unemployment last week. Compared to the previous weekly record set in 1982, this record-shattering number is nearly five times larger.

On Thursday, the Senate passed $2 trillion relief package to help workers, businesses and the severely strained health care system survive the pandemic. 

In the U.S, New York is the epicenter of the virus as more than half of the cases in the U.S are from New York.

A registered nurse described the situation in Long Island hospital in the following words, “I haven’t slept because my mind won’t shut off. I cried in the bathroom on my break, as I peeled off the PPE from my sweaty self, mask indentations on my face. I cried the entire ride home.”

The nurse said that patients are coming in with “non-stop coughing, sweaty, fevers” and with “fear in their eyes.” So the situation is terrible and those taking this pandemic lightly need to rethink.

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