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U.S Ranks Lower than 38 other Countries on Children Survival, Health, Education Index

The United States ranked on 39th position on measurements of children’s survival, health, education, and nutrition. The U.S ranked lower than 38 other countries. As per a new report published in the medical journal The Lancet every country in the world has levels of excess carbon emissions that prevent the youngsters from having a healthy and sustainable future.

In the report, 180 countries were ranked and the U.S stood at number 39th. The ranking was based on a “child flourishing index”. Also, countries were ranked on the basis of the levels of excess carbon emissions. Also, researchers looked at the estimated levels for 2030. For sustainability, the U.S ranked on number 173.

As the threshold the year 2030 was chosen as in 2015 the governments around the world formed Sustainable Development Goals to improve the planet for the people by 2030.

Dr. Stefan Peterson Chief of Health at UNICEF said, “No country is in the right place with adequately making children flourish today and in the future.”

On current child flourishing index Norway, South Korea, and the Netherlands ranked in the top three while on the global sustainability index that measured carbon emissions these countries were at 156th, 166th, and 160th

Peterson said, “I was hoping and thinking that at least some countries somewhere must be doing the right thing for children now and the right thing for children in the future — but I saw no country was in that ideal place and that quite surprised me.”

Adding, “We looked at what extent children are able to fulfill their potential. It’s about knowledge, growth, going to school and learning and it’s about being protected from violence. We tried to look holistically.”

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