U.S. cancels Pakistan’s aid of $300 million

The Pentagon has made a final decision to cancel Pakistan’s aid worth $300 million which was agreed earlier and was suspended due to alleged inertia to take decisive action against militants; the decision is a fresh blow to deteriorating ties between both countries.

The so-called Coalition Support Fund (CSF) was the part of the broader suspension in aid announced by President Donald Trump at the beginning of the year. Mr. President accused Pakistan by declaring the war against terror by Pakistan nothing but lies and deceit.

Jim Mattis, U.S. Defense Secretary was in charge to authorize $300 million in CSF fund to Pakistan this summer, the condition to authorizing funds remained the same “Do More”, however, Mattis chose not to deliver $300 million to Pakistan, according to Reuters.

According to Pentagon Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Kone Faulkner, “Because of Pakistan’s lack of interest in supporting South Asia Strategy, the remaining $300 million will be reprogrammed.”

The money will be spent on other priorities if Congress approves it, Congress has also withheld $500 million in CSF funds from Pakistan earlier this year making it a total of $800 million withheld, said Faulkner.

The decision came before the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a top U.S. Military official General Joseph Dunford visit Pakistan this week.

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