Tyrion Lannister Peter Dinklage Found in Pakistan

Tyrion Lannister (Real name: Peter Dinklage) probably the most favorite character of HBO TV series “Game Of Thrones” has been going viral on social media not due to his popularity, performance or any upcoming events but due to his lookalike man found in Pakistan.

The images posted on Instagram by a user tells us something really interesting, the person found in Pakistan seems exact carbon copy of Peter Dinklage, his couple of photos put us into a thinking mode that he might have a twin brother who might have been disappeared during the battle in the previous episodes.

If David Benioff came to know this, he might think about giving another twist to the new upcoming Final Season of Game of Thrones, but that is a silly probability as double roles are not a problem in this technological age. However, people are going frenzy after watching Peter Dinklage look alike on social media. Just look at the images of Peter Dinklage and his look alike and tell the difference. The only major difference I can tell is the blue and black eyes, and a little matured face of Peter Dinklage

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Tyrion Lannister in Pakistan! @peterdinklage dink

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Peter Dinklage lookalike in Pakistan
Peter Dinklage lookalike in Pakistan
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Season 7 episode 3

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