Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine Drive Starts In Punjab From Feb 1

Punjab Typhoid

Just like Polio, Pakistan has been affected by Typhoid fever for long, according to the statistics, young children die so often with Typhoid fever in Pakistan. Among people died with Typhoid in Pakistan during 2017, there were 70 percent of children aged below 15.

The govt. has took initiative to stop this tragedy and announced a new drive starting from February 1 to February across the province. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended vaccine “Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine” would be used to vaccinate children across the province.

The Punjab govt. and CM Usman Buzdar has announced the vaccination campaign today, CM said, “In 2017, 63% of typhoid cases and 70% of typhoid deaths in Pakistan were among children younger than 15 years of age. To protect our 20 Million Children, we are starting @WHO recommended “Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine” drive-in Punjab from 1st to 15th February!

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